With 42 years of existence, this company in individual name has the activity of extraction and commercialization of Portuguese ornamental rocks, being one of the pioneer companies in the branch.

His mentor, Mr. Francisco do Rosário Frazão, transmits a solid and resolved personality, reflected in the concrete objectives of this company and of all the others that compose the group.
In the persecution of the client's satisfaction and in the vehement defence of the ornamental limestones, the company in individual name has developed naturally, thanks to a sustained growth, which conferred the actual solidity.

The company is now in a reformulation process, and gradually should be replaced by another company, Grupo Frazão S.A., that will have the form of a society of limited responsibility, and that will also have the responsibility of continue the task initiated by Mr. Francisco do Rosário Frazão.

Actually, the Grupo Frazão S.A., conjoined with the other three companies, forms a stable structure, that comprehends all the circuit of the stone transformation.
Contacts: Tel.: + 351 243 400598 / +351 243 408404 ()

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